A Gift of our Favorite Recipes with Love from the Mothers and Daughters of the Evangelical Congregational Church, 1987


David Aksland – Sketches
Bev Aksland – Sketches, Typing and Errors, Collating
Beverly Hunter – Collating
Mildred Caldwell – Binding

This book is in the community cookbook collection of the Highland Park Historical Society.

Index created by Catherine Lambrecht. 

We wish to express our sincere appreciation and thanks to all those individuals who donated recipes.

Any errors contained herein are purely accidental, due to human element involved. Please forgive our mistakes.

                                                                        Happy Cooking!


Bev Aksland (5), Flo Anderson (3), Dorothea Aynsley, Betty Berglind (5), Eleanor Botker, Ann Brown (2), Mildred M. Caldwell (5), Andria DeCarlo (3), Betty Dettenmayer, Carol Eich (3), Joanne Evans (2),
K. Gieser (2), Cele Hansen (2), Beverly Hunter (5), Marion Jenkins (3), Edna Klingler, Marion Koller (2),
Cleo Lowery (2), La Bertha Manhart, Mary Lou Morelli (2), Marion Ruhge (4), Marion Schaeppi (2),
Linnea Trout (3)