Highland Park Legends Program

A Walk of Fame of Influential Highland Park Residents


John Van Bergen, November 18, 2012.

Julius Rosenwald, May 26, 2012.

Program Description
The Highland Park Legends Program is a permanent memento to the pursuit and attainment of individual excellence and achievement on behalf of our community. Significant residents of Highland Park are selected and honored by having a bronze sidewalk plaque created to describe their achievements. The selected individuals must have contributed to our local community, to the State of Illinois or to the greater good of humanity in the nation and the world. The spotlight of the program centers upon individual bronze plaques that are placed into sidewalks in the downtown area. The program is a tourist attraction, a repository of local history, and a source of education to the Chicagoland community.

The program is a strategic partnership between the Highland Park Historical Society, the City of Highland Park and Downtown Business owners.

Nomination Requirements
Nominations of individuals are submitted to the Historical Society to be managed and researched. An inductee is then proposed and presented to the City Council to be voted upon by. A sponsor is required to purchase, install and make a one-time contribution to a City fund for maintaining the bronze plaque to be installed in a sidewalk in the downtown area.

Inductee requirements include: living or having lived in Highland Park; having substantially contributed to the arts, science, civic, commerce, education or entertainment fields of Highland Park, to the State of Illinois, or to the greater United States.

Nomination Categories
Arts and Entertainment
Includes people outstanding in the fields of architecture, all areas of artistic endeavor, and entertainers such as radio, music, and TV personalities.

Athletics and Recreation
Includes people known for achievements in athletics or recreation and/or as promoters, journalists or broadcasters in these fields.

Agriculture, Business and Industry
Includes people who have pioneered or significantly changed the field of agriculture and/or production or sale of goods and services; those who have changed the way agricultural and traditional business is done.

Civic And Community leadership
Includes leaders of law, political and social institutions and movements or community activists.

Education & Literature
Includes teachers and educational administrators, those who have devoted themselves to education in non-school settings, and writers of non-technical creative works, including poetry, drama, fiction and non-fiction.

Medicine, Science & Technology
Includes people who restore and maintain health; or have contributed to our understanding of the environment and world or created practical innovations that make life easier.

To nominate an individual, please contact the Historical Society at: or call 847-432-7090.