Save the Stupey Cabin

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Save the Stupey Cabin Campaign

Save the Stupey Cabin Campaign

Building on the highly successful Stupey Cabin picnic held in June, The Highland Park Historical Society is launching a yearlong effort to raise $120,000 to preserve the pioneer structure 19th century building.

Vocational Arts and Better Homes in America

Vocational Arts and Better Homes in America

From the Highland Park Classroom to America’s Living Room

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The Cherry Hill Mine Disaster

This is the story of how a small mining town about 100 miles southwest of Chicago became a scene of indescribable tragedy. When hay intended for mules used to pull carts of coal 320 feet below ground caught fire, a series of unfortunate decisions led to the deaths of hundreds, devastating their dependent families.

How Corn Changed Itself and then Changed Everything Else

About 10,000 years ago, a weedy grass growing in Mexico possessed of a strange trait known as a “jumping gene” transformed itself into a larger and more useful grass—the cereal grass that we would come to know as maize and then corn. Nurtured by early farmers in the Oaxaca region, this grain would transform the Americas even before First Contact. After First Contact, it would span the globe, with mixed results, but for newcomers in North America, it expanded its influence from rescuing a few early settlers to creating the Midwest and building the world we know. Today, it is more important than ever. As Margaret Visser noted in her classic work Much Depends on Dinner, “Without corn, North America—and most particularly modern, technological North America—is inconceivable.” However, corn and the people who raise it also face some challenges.

COVID Survey

As you know, the Highland Park Historical Society collaborates to document the community, culture and people of Highland Park, Illinois in everyday life and in a broad context. Given the extraordinary circumstances, the Society, in collaboration with other Highland Park agencies, invites you to share your experiences now and in the future.


Food Biography of Chicago

Podcast The Highland Park Historical Society presents ‘Food Biography of Chicago’...