Save the Stupey Cabin

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Events & Exhibits

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Save the Stupey Cabin Campaign

Save the Stupey Cabin Campaign

Building on the highly successful Stupey Cabin picnic held in June, The Highland Park Historical Society is launching a yearlong effort to raise $120,000 to preserve the pioneer structure 19th century building.

Vocational Arts and Better Homes in America

Vocational Arts and Better Homes in America

From the Highland Park Classroom to America’s Living Room

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Surprises, Laughter and Tears on the North Line of the Chicago & North Western Railroad

All aboard an anecdotal history of the North Line of the Chicago and North Western Railroad since the 1850s from Chicago through Highland Park to Milwaukee includes surprises, laughter and tears relating to Ravinia Park, President Theodore Roosevelt, unique lost and found items, and many other stories.  Many North Line residents are not aware of unusual events that have occurred on or near the tracks during the past century and a half.

Abraham Lincoln Goes to Waukegan

Hear the story of Abraham Lincoln's brief, but memorable visit, to Waukegan in this presentation by Ty Rohrer, of the Waukegan Historical Society, who will recount the visit as well as the "Lincoln Legends" that are still shared today, 160 years after the event.

Abraham Lincoln: A Man of His Time, A Man for All Times

More than two hundred years after his birth, Abraham Lincoln's historical importance endures. A man of his time - humbly born, self-taught, and ambitious - he seized the opportunities of an expansive society to rise to the country's highest office. A man for all times, Lincoln's strong principles, timeless rhetoric, and resolute leadership have contributed to his status as a globally recognized figure.

From Obscurity to Greatness: Illinois and Lincoln, 1830 to 1861 Opening of ‘Abraham Lincoln: A Man of His Time, A Man for All Times,’ exhibit

Kevin Wood is a professional Abraham Lincoln presenter who bears a remarkable resemblance to Mr. Lincoln and has a very extensive knowledge of his life and times. He also writes a blog, “Loath to Close… Still!”, which encourages others to reflect upon and learn from President Lincoln’s life and legacy. This presentation is supported by a grant from the Illinois Humanities Council. Our visit with Mr. Lincoln will open the exhibit ‘Abraham Lincoln: A Man of His Time, A Man for All Times,’ on loan from the Waukegan Historical Society that was gifted the exhibit from the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History. There will be additional content from the Highland Park Archives and Local History Collections, which is supported by the Highland Park Community Foundation.


Food Biography of Chicago

Podcast The Highland Park Historical Society presents ‘Food Biography of Chicago’...