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Stupey Cabin since 1847

Stupey Cabin since 1847

Built in 1847 of hand hewn, virgin White Oak Timbers, this is Highland Park’s oldest standing structure. It was a Centennial gift from Exmoor Country Club to the Highland Park Historical Society and the people of Highland Park.

Highland Park’s Natural History

Highland Park’s Natural History

The Historical Society would like to encourage people to identify and “chalk” plants that they find in and around Highland Park and send an image of the result to .  We are sharing some early 20th Century photographs of local plants in the Stupey Gardens in Laurel Park as examples.

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The Road was Home with Jamie Poorman, an Illinois Road Scholar

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, central Illinois was often visited by the Cooper family, a traveling band of Gypsies, who traded horses, told fortunes, and made many friends throughout the area. The death of a young daughter, and her burial in Marshall Cemetery, solidified the family’s relationship with the area, and they continued to visit for many more years. The Romani families left many traces of their visits here – not only in the tombstones in the cemetery, but also tales of a Gypsy Queen’s blessing on the town of Marshall, a small frame church outside Salem, a Gypsy wagon in Findlay, and memories with those who knew them. Their travels took them over much of central Illinois, and their family roots spread all across the region.

Stupey Cabin Open House – Spring Break Edition

Cabin Curious? Look for us next on Saturday, March 23rd: 10 AM to Noon, or by reservation First Saturday of the month from 10 AM to Noon, or by reservation. 2024 Schedule: May 4, June 1, July TBA, August 3, September 7, October 5, November 7 and concluding Thanksgiving Saturday, November 25, 2024 For information please email: or call 847-432-7090 Stupey Cabin is located on St. Johns Avenue between the Library (Laurel Avenue) and City Hall (Hazel Avenue)


Food Biography of Chicago

Podcast The Highland Park Historical Society presents ‘Food Biography of Chicago’...