Save the Stupey Cabin

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Save the Stupey Cabin Campaign

Save the Stupey Cabin Campaign

Building on the highly successful Stupey Cabin picnic held in June, The Highland Park Historical Society is launching a yearlong effort to raise $120,000 to preserve the pioneer structure 19th century building.

Vocational Arts and Better Homes in America

Vocational Arts and Better Homes in America

From the Highland Park Classroom to America’s Living Room

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Exploring the Land of Lincoln

A one-of-a-kind travel guide, Exploring the Land of Lincoln invites road-trippers and history buffs to explore the Prairie State's most extraordinary historic sites. Charles Titus blends storytelling with in-depth research to highlight 20 must-see destinations selected for human drama, historical and cultural relevance, and their far-reaching impact on the state and nation.

Highland Park’s Lakefront Beach History, Lake County History Symposium, 2020

North Shore Yacht Club: A Century of Fun & Safety on Lake Michigan The North Shore Yacht Club (NSYC) is where Lake County has come to play on the waves on summer days for nearly a century, combining the exhilaration of boating on Lake Michigan with safety and camaraderie. Their records are housed at the Highland Park Archives and Local History Collections at the library. A Day at the Beach (Ossoli Club of Highland Park) The Ossoli Club of Highland Park created a public beach on the site of the current North Shore Yacht Club. In the summer of 1911, this public beach was replete with instruction, lifeguards, and play equipment in the sand and water. Club women chaperoned and supervised.

Ossoli Cookbook A fundraiser for the first public beach in Highland Park, Illinois

A joint meeting of the Highland Park Public Library and Highland Park Historical Society will host ‘Ossoli Cookbook, a fundraiser for the first public beach in Highland Park, Illinois,’ on Tuesday May 4, 2021 at 7:00 pm via Zoom. We are encouraging people to prepare a recipe from this antique community cookbook and discuss the results. This cookbook is available online via the University of Illinois.

Ravinia Music Under the Stars Around the World, An Archives Access Project Courtesy of the Illinois Secretary of State

This project has been a journey of discovery through the basement, closets and file cabinets of an institution established in 1904. A hidden collection laid waiting for an archives program to claim it. We hope this is the beginning of a program that will fill in gaps in the Festival’s institutional memory and documentation. Thankfully, the Highland Park Historical Society had already begun the work with the Ravinia Park Collection, an important task of collecting of programs, posters, and other historical materials for each season. And, the Ravinia Association donated records to the Newberry Library, creating an additional resource. These materials and many stored on site at the Ravinia Festival have been digitized with a grant to the Highland Park Public Library from the Illinois Secretary of State, as have other materials documenting the festival housed at Ravinia, the Newberry Library, and other locations. A presentation of key images and documents will be presented to create a historical timeline of Ravinia Festival from this collaboration.


Food Biography of Chicago

Podcast The Highland Park Historical Society presents ‘Food Biography of Chicago’...