Architect William W. Boyington


Highland Park Historical Society hosts on Tuesday September 16th at 7 PM Julia Johnas presentation on the life and work of William W. Boyington. He was the architect of Chicago’s Water Tower, entrance of Rosehill Cemetary and a resident of Highland Park from 1874 until his death in 1898. A long and prolific career is illustrated with slides that showcase his best-known buildings in Chicago and Highland Park. Several Boyington-designed residences remain in Highland Park, including the log house built for Sylvester Millard in 1893, which will be featured on the Historical Society’s house walk on September 21st.

Julia Johnas is author of Highland Park: Settlement to the 1920s. Johnas is director of adult services at the Highland Park Public Library, where she maintains its local history archive and provides research assistance on local and architectural history and genealogy for historians, and is a liaison to the City ofHighland Park Historic Preservation Commission. She recently received a Highland Park Historian Commendation from the Highland Park Historical Society

Recorded live at the Highland Park Library on September 16, 2008 by Chicago Amplified of WBEZ Chicago Public Radio