Cook’s Book, 1935

Published by the West Ridge Community Club of Highland Park, Illinois for the benefit of
the Auditorium fund.
Price: 50 cents
Copyright 1935

A choice collection of recipes by our best cooks, tested by our best critics — our families, and set forth here in the hope, that, with this book you may create your best menus. Place cards are offered on all index sheets for your use on special occasions or in emergencies.

This book is in the community cookbook collection of the Highland Park Historical Society.
Index created by Catherine Lambrecht.

Recipe Contributors

Mrs. G. A. Schneider (4), Muscogee, Florida

Mrs. S. M. Osgood (2), Champaign, Illinois

Recipe Contributors from Chicago, Illinois
Mrs. R. S. Amis (3), Minerva Chapman, Edith Hausman, Mrs. John A. Hausman, Lucille Holling,
Mrs. J. Y. Hooper (5), Mrs. John Y. Hooper, Miss Johnston, Helen Kendall, Mrs. P. D. Kendall,
Mrs. H. H. Keys, Mrs. Leslie Layne, Mrs. Edith Schantz

Emily F. Anderson (5), Deerfield, Illinois
Bertha Meredith, Deerfield, Illinois
Cora Merrill (6), Deerfield, Illinois

Erna Feldt, Desplaines [Des Plaines], Illinois
Hattie Gutekunst, Desplaines, Illinois

Mrs. Stanley Goodell, Edison Park, Illinois

Amelia Hoff (2), Evanston, Illinois
Mrs. S. A. Peterson (4), Evanston, Illinois
Adelaide T. Winter (2), Evanston, Illinois

Recipe Contributors from Highland Park, Illinois
Mrs. Lawrence Abt (2), Katharine Baring, Mrs. Howard Bede (4), Mrs. Henry Bonn (8), Mrs. S. D. Bowles (4), Lillian S. Brown (5), Mrs. Walter L. Brown (11), Mrs. Robert Bryant, Mrs. D. K. Chadburne,
Alice Chapman (3), Mrs. Henry Chapman, Mrs. R. H. Clark (2), Ruth Clark (3), Mrs. Bert Cross,
Hazel Danner (3), Mrs. G. H. Finch (5), Mrs. W. H. Fortner, Sarah Froberg (2), Mrs. S. G. Garraway,
Mrs. Phillip N. Gould (5), Amelia Hanson [Hansen] (4), Mrs. C. C. Hatcher, Jr. (2), Mrs. C. C. Hatcher, Jr. (7), Wally Hatcher (4), Amelia Hoff, Mrs. H. R. Holmgren (3), Mrs. Charles [Chas] Houseman (5),
Mrs. Margery Jackson (2), Mrs. John B. Jackson (4), Mrs. G. Johnson (3), Mrs. Rudolph Kohlmeyer,
Mrs. H. F. Kopcke, Mrs. Will Krumbach (8), Anne Krumback (4), Mrs. David R. Lasier (6),
Elizabeth Limbert (8), Dorothy Mann, Mrs. W. Mana, Mrs. Roy O. Mereim (2), Ruth Meyer (3),
Mrs. Frank A. Miller (2), Mrs. Stuart Miller (3), Inez Mundstock (5), Mrs. Roy O. Nereim (3),
Mrs. S. M. Osgood, Clover Perkins (3), Mrs. A. E. Peterson (5), Ardath Pohrte (2), Mrs. Richard Pretz (3),
Mrs. Richard Pretz, Ruth Rectenwald,  Mrs. Wm Rectenwald (4), Mai Borneman Reed (3), Mrs. T. J. Reed, Betty Sammons, Mrs. E. C. Sandberg, Gladys Scheskie (3), Mrs. Henry Scheskie (3), Mrs. Alfred Soefker, Mrs. Louis Soefker (2), Mrs. Charles Swan, Mrs. C. E. Thorney (5), Ella Mae Thorney (3), Mrs. M. Victor (5), Mrs. L. J. Walters (5), Mrs. Howard Will, Marion Will (8)

Adelin Hausman (2), Joliet, Illinois

Marjorie McGarry (4), Oak Park, Illinois
Mrs. David Thomas (6), Oak Park, Illinois

Mrs. Gerald R. Scott (2), Park Ridge, Illinois

Recipe Contributors from Montrose, Iowa

Sara Cole (2), Alice Fraune (2), Mrs. J. Megchelsen, Jean Megchelsen, Kate Megchelsen (4), Mary Sims, Margaret Wright (2), Nancy Wright, Ruey Wright (2), Mrs. Smith Wright (3)

Recipe Contributors from Frankfort, Kentucky
Mrs. W. C. Bell (3), Mrs. W. DeWitt (4), Mrs. W. T. DeWitt, Mrs. C. B. Hankins, Mrs. Jack Holland (3), Mrs. I. N. Odell (2), Mrs. C. B. Riddell

Mrs. Charles Swan, Glencoe, Kentucky

Maude Samson (3), Detroit, Michigan
Mrs. W. E. Torrence, Detroit, Michigan

Ruth Hardin, St. Louis, Missouri,
“Mammy” Ida, St. Louis, Missouri

Mrs. David Porter, Warren, Pennsylvania

Eleanor Feldt, Houston, Texas

Recipe Contributors from Bloomer, Wisconsin
Neva Burdeen Bitney (2), Stella P. Bitney, Bess Mohr, Mrs. Albert O’Connell (3), Hazel O. Ringer (4)

Mrs. L. O. Hogseth, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

Mary Hathaway, Superior, Wisconsin


Advertisers and Supporters

Alcyon Theater

H and R Anspach Travel

Bahr’s for Flowers

Barilari & Onesti Bros.

Blue Goose Food Market

Paul Borchardt

Borehardt Beauty Shop

Brand Brothers

Brand’s Studios

Braun Bros. Oil Co.

W. J. Brown General Contractor

Margaret E. Byrn, Realtor

Alice Hooper Chapman

B. E. Christensen, O. D., Optometrist

Clavey Motors, Inc

Deerfield Bake Shop

Deerfield Grocery & Market

Jos. B. Deibler

Dewyer Motor Sales

Duffy & Duffy Cleaners

T. S. Duffy Furniture Co.

Earl & Sarah Froberg

Fell Bros Shoes

Fell’s Clothing

The J. B. Garnett CO.

John Gourley & Co

Earl W. Gsell & Co

Haak’s Auto Supply Co.

Hartford Fire Insurance Company

Hecketsweillers Studio Photographers

Highland Cycle Co.

Highland Motors

Highland Park Dry Goods, Inc.

Highland Park Fuel, Co.

Highland Park Ice Co.

Highland Park Pharmacy

Highland Park State Bank

Compliments of H. F. Kelley

J. Y. Kooper, printer

Koppers Chicago

Will Krumback, Millwork and Stairs

The Home Repair Shop

Lake Shore Creamery

Larry Cutler’s Beauty Shop

Lees Beauty Salon

Louis’ Quick Shoe Repair Shop

Marchi Bros. Garage

Mary’s Beauty Shop

Meierhoff Hardware Co.

Menoni & Mocogni

Moderne Beauty Salon

Moran Plumbing & Heating Co

Neild’s Sport Shop

Nelson’s Motor Sales

Chas H. Nixon 

Gust. Norrken Transfer

The North Shore Grocery

North Shore Motors


Art Olson & Co. Men’s Wear Shop

Pease Drug Store

Pure Oil Service Station

Purnell & Wilson

Rapp Brothers

Ravinia Market

Reliable Laundry & Dry Cleaning Co.

Resistal Company

Rocco Modesto Hairdresser

Rollery Grocery & Delicatessen

Willam Ruehl and Company

Santi Bros. Dairy


Frank Siljestrom

Skokie Valley Service Station


A. H. Swanson

Tillmans’ Service Station

Lucile S. Ullman

Vetter Electric Service

Victor Brothers Co, Furriers

Vogue Cleaners & Dyers

Yellow Cab Ketter Cab Inc

John Zengeler, Inc Cleaners

Zengeler-Horan Co. Inc, Cleaners