Event: COVID Survey

The Highland Park Historical Society sends its virtual greetings as everyone shelters at home.  The Society also thanks and recognizes those who are still at work in health fields, at stores and those engaged to ensure the public safety.
As you know, the Highland Park Historical Society collaborates to document the community, culture and people of Highland Park, Illinois in everyday life and in a broad context.
Given the extraordinary circumstances, the Society, in collaboration with other Highland Park agencies, invites you to share your experiences now and in the future.
All contributions are welcome.  Everyone experiences events in different ways.  Anonymity is permitted. Please consider completing this form and returning it to the Historical Society.  It will be made available to the public in 2030.
We will also be capturing websites and other records to become part of the permanent record.
We would like this to be an inclusive record of this COVID-19 seminal occurrence and its impact on the community.   Your input is welcome in any form.  You may add to or edit your responses through 2021.
You may also consider downloading the StoryCorps app to record a recollection that will be stored at the Library of Congress.  Don’t forget your hashtags:  #highlandpark and #illinois so your story can be found in the future.
Please feel free to share.
The Highland Park Historical Society
is available to assist in any way.
If you have questions, please email
Thank you.