Event: Made in Chicago: Stories Behind 30 Great Hometown Bites


Made in Chicago: Stories Behind 30 Great Hometown Bites

Presented by Monica Eng and David Hammond


Chicago food shows its true depth in classic dishes conceived in the kitchens of immigrant innovators, neighborhood entrepreneurs, and mom-and-pop visionaries.

Monica Eng and David Hammond draw on decades of exploring the city’s food landscape to serve up thirty can’t-miss eats found in all corners of Chicago. From Mild Sauce to the Jibarito and from Taffy Grapes to Steak and Lemonade, Eng and Hammond present stories of the people and places behind each dish while illuminating how these local favorites reflect the multifaceted history of the city and the people who live there.

Monica Eng is a reporter for Axios Chicago and co-host of The Chewing Podcast. Before joining Axios, Monica was food, health and Curious City  reporter for WBEZ. For 16 years Eng was a food, culture and watchdog-investigative reporter at the Chicago Tribune. She has been nominated for the James Beard Award five times for her good writing.

David Hammond, born in Chicago, is a father of three, a former college professor and corporate communications consultant. He has written food reviews for Chicago Reader and TimeOut, as well as the Food Detective column for the Chicago Sun-Times; he is a co-founder of, the Chicago culinary chat site, and he has produced and hosted the Sound Bites series on Chicago Public Radio. He is currently Dining & Drinking Editor at Newcity, Chicago, a regular contributor to Oak Park’s Wednesday Journal, Chicago Tribune, Better,  and a number of other local and national publications.


Recorded at the Highland Park Library via Zoom on April 6, 2023