Event: The Generals: Patton, Rommel and Montgomery


The Generals: Patton, Rommel and Montgomery

Highland Park —- Highland Park Historical Society will host “The Generals: Patton, Rommel, and Montgomery”  with Robert Mueller, a battlefield historian. at the Highland Park Library adult section, 494 Laurel Avenue, at 7 p.m. on Monday,  November 11th, 2019.

Three men stamped their images upon events during the Second World War like no others. Each led their country’s armed forces to historic battlefield victories and two met inglorious ends. Join Robert Mueller as he contrasts and compares the personalities, tactics, and leadership styles of George Patton, Erwin Rommel, and Bernard Montgomery.

Diana Dretske, Lake County historian and author of Fort Sheridan, commented, “General George Patton was the most historically significant person to post at Fort Sheridan.”

Robert Mueller caught the battlefield bug when, as a child, he visited Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Retirement brought him the opportunity to visit and study the battlefields of Europe. He has written four visitor guides to the battlefields of Northern Europe under the Fields of War imprint which have garnered eleven national book awards including being honored by the Military Writers Society of America. His descriptive format and engaging writing style bring the history, significance, and people of the battlefield to life. He performed his military service in the US Army Signal Corps during the Vietnam era.

For further information, please contact the Highland Park Historical Society: 847.432.7090 or  Admission is free.   ###