Event: The Great Highland Park History Hunt


The Great Highland Park History Hunt

The Great Highland Park History Hunt

What is it?

Seek geocache locations connected to Highland Park history. We’ll provide clues for 9 locations that you can search using the Illinois Digital Archives. Your search results will display the digital image and its description. Look for the geocache coordinates in the geographical field of the description. Enter the coordinates into your GPS device and discover the cache! Each cache will contain tokens (wooden nickels). Take one and collect all 9 by October 8. Find all 10 locations and you’ll qualify to enter the grand prize drawings!

Get The Clues Here 

The Cache

You’re looking for 9 of these!

What do I need to participate?

You’ll need a GPS or other capable device such as an app on your smart phone. You can check out a Garmin GPS device at the library.

You can use Geocaching®, Looking4Cache, Compass 360 Pro or other apps, or Google or Apple Maps.

Clue example: (Not an actual History Hunt clue)

This building serves the community and hosts events. It was a gift to the City by the women members of the organization who built it as their clubhouse. It opened in 1924.

Answer: Community House, Highland Park Woman’s Club

GPS Coordinates: 42.188716, -87.797117

Ready to Start?

Pick up a logbook at the Library. Pick up a list of clues at the Library or find them here. Search for answers and the geocache coordinates using the Illinois Digital Archives

Searching the Illinois Digital Archive

Click on … By Institution at the top of the screen

Click on H in the alphabet that appears below the black bar “IDA Collections by Contributing Institutions”

Click on browse next to Highland Park History

Click on the Orange Box with ? in the upper right corner, then enter the search keywords

Using Library GPS unit:

1. Check out a Garmin GPS device at the Library.

2. Follow the instructions enclosed in the Garmin GPS device case.

Instructions for using a smart phone:

3. Download a geocaching app

4. Download or input waypoint coordinates from [HP History website] or logbook

Tokens, Badges, and Prizes

5. Once you find a cache, sign the log sheet inside the cache, take one Wooden Nickel token and place the cache back exactly as you found it. Log your find in your Highland Park History Hunt logbook as well.

6. The Wooden Nickels are yours to keep. Bring your one or more Wooden Nickels to the Library and show them to a Library staff member to receive a Geocaching Badge. (One badge per person)

7. Find all 9 caches and turn in your completed logbook by 10 a.m. on October 8th to be entered to win one of the grand prizes!

Geocaching Guidelines and Helpful Tips:

8. A GPS will only get you close to a cache (between 6-30 feet); the rest is up to you.

9. Stay on established trails and paths. Do not cross private property without first seeking permission.

10. Comply with all posted signs and barriers. Follow all laws and City regulations.

11. Some locations require a valid Highland Park City Sticker.

12. Remember to return the cache back exactly where you found it.

13. Be considerate of others around you.

14. Carry a trash bag with you to pick up trash others have left; leave an area looking like you were never there, or better than when you found it.