Events & Exhibits


Stupey Cabin Picnic

Live music, food, beer garden and tours of the Stupey Cabin. Children’s activities will include , campfires, pony rides, puppies at the Woof Pack Dog Rescue, and storytelling. 4-7PM.

A Transit Tragedy: When the Unthinkable Actually Happened

An unthinkable calamity that the designers of Chicago’s ‘L’ system never contemplated, and riders couldn’t believe would happen became a reality in the Loop on February 4th, 1977, when a train rounding the curve at Lake and Wabash struck another that was stopped at the station ahead.

Historic Jewel II * Historic House Tour 2017

The Fort Sheridan Historical Society will be hosting a tour of 8 historic homes at Fort Sheridan. There is no better way to immerse yourself into the history of Ft. Sheridan than to walk through the beautiful historic homes.

Fort Sheridan: Its History and Architecture

Learn the history and unique stories of Fort Sheridan in this presentation that draws from the Lake County Discovery Museum’s archives. Topics include the founding of Fort Sheridan, its distinctive architecture, notable residents, and ways visitors can interact with the Fort today as one of Lake County’s many Forest Preserves.

Show and Tell: What’s In Your Collection?

Like the "Show and Tell" of our old school days, the Highland Park Historical Society invites you on Monday April 17th at 7 PM to see treasured items or collections from local residents. If not showing and telling, just join us to hear the collectors’ stories. This year’s show and tell will include an artifacts from the Historical Society’s trove of local treasurers. Meet a guy whose other car is a fire truck! Highland Park Library Librarian and local historian Julia Johnas will highlight books with no words, any ideas?

Muirhead Farmhouse: A Frank Lloyd Wright Designed Home

The Muirhead family was among the first settlers in Kane County, establishing their farmstead on its current site in 1860. By the late 1940s, then owners Robert and Elizabeth Muirhead felt they had outgrown the original farmhouse and wanted something better suited for their growing family of five children. The result was a Usonian-style home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day: Second Annual Veterans Roundtable

The Second Annual Veterans Forum at which we will focus on honoring World War II veterans. American Legion Post 145 Commander Larry Sassorossi will moderate a panel of veterans who will recall where they were when they learned of Pearl Harbor, their reaction, their contribution to the war effort, and in what way did their service benefit them. Participants are encouraged to bring memorabilia to share.

American Pie, a history

Pies are as American as pizza is American: we took a great idea, adapted it to our needs and ran with it. They used what they had available locally and made the most from it. In the Northeast and Midwest, it was apples; in the South it was molasses pies, in Florida the Key Lime Pie and from the Southwest came nut pies. Apple pies were not always dessert, our American ancestors considered them survival food often eating pie for breakfast, lunch and dinner for six month stretches.

Basic Compass Skills: Two classes 10 am & 11 am

Discover the lost art of using a compass! Participants will learn why compass skills are important, even in this age of GPS technology, and how to use a basic compass to navigate. This class is filled with demonstrations, hands-on practice, and helpful tips and tricks for successful navigation. Leah Holloway, Park District of Highland Park, presents the class. Compasses will be available during the class. For ages 7 and older. Registration required. Two sessions: 10:00 am and 11:00 am.