Show and Tell: What is in your collection? (2015)


Like the “Show and Tell” of our old school days, the Highland Park Historical Society and Highwood Historical Society invite you on January 22nd at 7 PM to see treasured items or entire collections from local residents. If not, just join us to hear the collectors’ stories. This year’s show and tell will include an exhibit from the Highwood Historical Society. Librarian and local historian Julia Johnas will highlight a book kept in every home, but which one? An anecdotal history on an important historical artifact once housed in Highland Park and now a prized by the U.S. State Department. A baby picture the size of a coffee table. Learn more about a recently opened Time Capsule, which maybe you can offer some context.

Many things can trigger memories or lead to the discovery of forgotten history or unique cultures and customs:
– A photo, letter, or postcard discovered in an old family album that re-opened childhood memories or revealed some remote family history.
– A unique flea market find that led you to research and discover culture and lifestyles of other times or places.
– A collection of “stuff” from your travels that you have grown to treasure.
– A hobby that has become a passion and has taught you something you’d like to share with others.
– A story of an event could be interesting as well.

These are all treasures, not necessarily in the financial sense, but invaluable
as historical artifacts or keys to a wealth of memories and learning.

Whether or not you have a story to tell, please join us to learn the wide ranging histories and interests of our community members and their amazing experiences. If you have something you’d like to present, please call or email prior to January 22nd. Otherwise please come with your favorite and we will try to fit you in.

After the formal presentations, there will be a reception to admire the various artifacts and chat with the owners.

Recorded live at the Highland Park Library on January 22, 2015