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“I’ll Have What She’s Having:” The Jewish Deli at the Illinois Holocaust Museum

More than a place to get a meal, the Jewish deli is a community forged in food. “I’ll Have What She’s Having”: The Jewish Deli explores how Jewish immigrants, mostly from Central and Eastern Europe, imported and adapted traditions to create a uniquely American restaurant. The exhibition reveals how Jewish delicatessens became a cornerstone of American food culture, and how delis served as a lifeline for many Holocaust Survivors and refugees who came to the United States.

Singing Bird and the Importance of Native American Women in Illinois History

Dressed in her native regalia, Kim will be giving a history of the natives in Illinois with a focus on native women, or what was considered “The Hidden Half.” Her primary focus will be women such as Singing Bird (Blackhawk’s wife), and Hononegah. Kim will bring the audience into these women’s day-to-day lives, including courting, marriage, and child-rearing. She will also talk about their role in their husbands’ lives, and how those lives affected the history of Illinois. Kim will bring native items that women would have used in their daily lives, as she discusses the role women played within the family unit. The audience will be able to pick up and view the items, learn native language and music, and get the chance to play the drum in this interactive experience.

Volunteer Fair at the Highland Park Public Library

Join the Volunteer Pool of Highland Park at the Volunteer Fair on Tuesday Sept. 5th at the Highland Park Library from 10am -12pm. Join us and speak to these non-profit agencies who need volunteers.

Stupey Cabin open house

Cabin Curious? First Saturday of the month until December 2nd, from 10 AM to Noon, or by reservation.

Stupey Cabin Open House

First Saturday of the month until December second, from 10 AM to Noon, or by reservation. First Saturday of the month until December second, from 10 AM to Noon, or by reservation. Look for us on: September 2 October 7 November 4 December 2 If you are not already on our email list, please e-mail:

Fleeing the Nazis: A Journey of Two Sisters and the Hero Who Outwitted the Gestapo

Recently, Bruce Mainzer decided to better organize the affairs of his 103 year old mother who had Alzheimer's. He first looked into a bank safety deposit box which revealed new details about his mother's escape from Nazi occupied Prague in 1939. Despite his mother's inability to recall any details of her harrowing trip, Bruce was able to connect the clues from the documents from the safety deposit box with stories from his own family members and information of newly discovered relatives in Israel and the US of the hero who impersonated an embassy employee to fool the Nazis. Bruce's mother and aunt were the first Jews to try out the forged document scheme and they successfully made it to Paris and then the US. Upon hearing of the two sisters' successful escape, the hero then used the same methods to eventually obtain passage for thousands of other Jews to escape Prague and flee to British occupied Palestine.