Events & Exhibits


Pearl Harbor Day Third Annual Veterans Forum: 75th Anniversary of the March of Bataan “The Codebreaker and the POW: A family legacy of WWII”

The attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 forever changed the lives of millions of Americans and Filipinos. In February 1942, Ms. Baugh’s father became a Navy codebreaker and helped the U.S. win the Battle of Midway. In May 1942, her grandfather, Richmond Baugh, was taken prisoner on Corregidor Island and spent nearly 3 years as a Japanese POW north of Manila. Through her family's legacy, Ms. Baugh describes the strategy, suffering, and brutal combat it took to liberate the Philippines and defeat the Japanese Empire in the Pacific.

Architect William W. Boyington, A Highland Park Legend

Julia Johnas presents the life and work of William W. Boyington, architect of Chicago’s Water Tower, entrance of Rosehill Cemetary and a Mayor of Highland Park residing there from 1874 until his death in 1898. A long and prolific career is illustrated with slides that showcase his best-known buildings in Chicago and Highland Park. Several Boyington-designed residences remain in Highland Park, including the log house built for Sylvester Millard in 1893.

Stupey Cabin Picnic

Live music, food, beer garden and tours of the Stupey Cabin. Children’s activities will include , campfires, pony rides, puppies at the Woof Pack Dog Rescue, and storytelling. 4-7PM.

A Transit Tragedy: When the Unthinkable Actually Happened

An unthinkable calamity that the designers of Chicago’s ‘L’ system never contemplated, and riders couldn’t believe would happen became a reality in the Loop on February 4th, 1977, when a train rounding the curve at Lake and Wabash struck another that was stopped at the station ahead.

Historic Jewel II * Historic House Tour 2017

The Fort Sheridan Historical Society will be hosting a tour of 8 historic homes at Fort Sheridan. There is no better way to immerse yourself into the history of Ft. Sheridan than to walk through the beautiful historic homes.

Fort Sheridan: Its History and Architecture

Learn the history and unique stories of Fort Sheridan in this presentation that draws from the Lake County Discovery Museum’s archives. Topics include the founding of Fort Sheridan, its distinctive architecture, notable residents, and ways visitors can interact with the Fort today as one of Lake County’s many Forest Preserves.

Show and Tell: What’s In Your Collection?

Like the "Show and Tell" of our old school days, the Highland Park Historical Society invites you on Monday April 17th at 7 PM to see treasured items or collections from local residents. If not showing and telling, just join us to hear the collectors’ stories. This year’s show and tell will include an artifacts from the Historical Society’s trove of local treasurers. Meet a guy whose other car is a fire truck! Highland Park Library Librarian and local historian Julia Johnas will highlight books with no words, any ideas?

Muirhead Farmhouse: A Frank Lloyd Wright Designed Home

The Muirhead family was among the first settlers in Kane County, establishing their farmstead on its current site in 1860. By the late 1940s, then owners Robert and Elizabeth Muirhead felt they had outgrown the original farmhouse and wanted something better suited for their growing family of five children. The result was a Usonian-style home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.